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The Privacy Barrier
August 10th, 2009 10:47 AM

When a user is browsing the internet, a certain level of anonymity is expected. People value their privacy. Also, they're usually in "search" mode, which from a psychological standpoint is a one-way type of communication - this is usually why pop-up chats and surveys are so annoying to internet users. They usually break your train of thought.

If you're asking for someone's contact information on your website, you're asking for a LOT. Again, they have to WANT to break that privacy barrier, and they have to WANT to switch (psychologically speaking) to an "active" mode of interaction.

The best way to accomplish this in your visitors is to provide something with actual, tangible value in return for their contact info; a quid pro quo, if you will. This is why the "Got a question?" form rarely gets used.

I recommend you set up a Lead Capture form on your XSite that hits a pain point, and asks for minimal contact info in exchange for something. For example, create a lead capture form about PMI removal (like our "Paying to much in taxes?" form, but instead promise a PDF explaining things about PMI. Then, put a link to that PDF in the auto-responder e-mail for that Lead Cap form.

Here's another example of quid pro quo: Later this week, I'll go into more detail on the custom forms and explain how contact grouping works, so sign up for my blog to get that update!  (get it?)

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Posted by Joel Baker on August 10th, 2009 10:47 AMPost a Comment

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