Training Reminder

For "on-Demand" training, visit our appraiser training page here and click on the Recorded Webinars tab.

My recommended course are:

Appraiser XSites I: Jumpstart Your XSite
This is a class designed for noobies to XSite, as well as those who have owned an XSite for a while, but have never done much with it or never got much from it. I cover basic SEO and homepage editing, as well as setting up your Mercury Network profile.

Appraiser XSites II: Non-lender Marketing
This class is built for appraisers who know very little about how to market themselves. Of course we cover how to use XSellerate and various WinTOTAL features that integrate with XSite and XSellerate.

We have others, of course, but I'd start with one or both of these.

My training XSite is